Continuing our commitment to supporting everyone over these coming weeks, we have a brilliant session planned every Friday lunchtime that we’re calling ‘Conversations with Cate’—oh the power of simple alliteration!

Each week our founder Cate Murden will be in conversation with one of our brilliant team of coaches sharing valuable insights that will help us all get through this – whether you’re a leader considering how to support your team and ensure that you all still achieve what’s necessary or if you’re working remotely for the first time and need to think how to work differently but still perform at your best.

Join us at 12 noon every Friday to hear some awesome knowledge. Click HERE to catch up on all of our previous sessions! Or join the webinar here!

CHEVY ROUGH: Unlocking Your Energy, Focus, & Critical Thinking

Do you feel stuck in first gear, trying to up your game but for some reason not able reach fifth?

After turning his life around from depression, drink and drugs, Chevy found a skill set supporting others to find their career paths. His purpose is focused on human performance and mindfulness, and how to approach training mindfully, while making holistic changes to keep moving, including life and career goals.

For our first Conversations with Cate we sat down with Chevy, wellbeing specialist. With so many different aspects within wellness, Chevy focuses on harnessing and understanding your energy to maximise critical thinking and focus. 

In short, Chevy helps people and organisations develop mindset, behaviours and tools required to improve mental, physical, and social health. 

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Time is not the metric to success, energy and focus are. Which is why understanding the relationship between stress and rest is vital. 
  2. Learning to switch off is a constant experiment. A/B test what works for you depending on how you feel that day
  3. Understand all the ‘stress cycles’ that you run throughout the day and improve closing them down so that you can rest and repair inbetween – and come back with more focus
  4. Listen to yourself. Build a relationship with your inside view, knowing yourself is key to understanding your energy spent.
  5. Get better at ‘doing what you said you would’ – if you don’t, you will waste energy thinking about all the stuff that you should be doing!

Find the whole episode on youtube now to see how you can better harness your energy and take yourself to fifth gear!

KIRSTY HULSE: How to be Confident & Resilient in Times of Uncertainty. 

The power of positivity can feel a bit woo-woo, but the truth is it has a real and tangible effect on everything from mindset to confidence to planning. 

Kirsty Hulse is a confidence coach who understands that we all have the confidence to choose how we feel and what we focus on, it’s about learning how to unleash it that’s key. We had the chance to sit down with her and talk about what confidence means now, and how can we all create the best backdrop to make good plans, especially in times like these. 

Top Takeaways:

  1. Creating your state comes from a combination of physiology and mindset, consider how you are supporting your different energy sources – physical, mental, emotional and social. 
  2. In challenging times we must pivot and plan from a place of neutrality. Both negative and positive states would create delusional responses.
  3. Confidence is another way of saying trust—in your abilities, in your self— and comes from your personal experiences. Confidence is the key to building a more positive mindset.  
  4. By managing your expectations, you will have a huge impact on your perspective. Anxiety, disappointment and anger come from your expectations being too high. 
  5. It’s about radical acceptance of your actions, not looking at them with guilt. 
  6. Understanding your beliefs is key in getting in touch with your inner dialogue. Auditing your current beliefs can help you to make real changes, giving you insights into why you make certain decisions and reevaluate. 
  7. Planning from positivity technique: 
    1. Picture yourself in the future when this is a memory; where are you? What are you doing? Wearing? Feeling? 
    2. How did you get to this place? What milestones were necessary to reach this point?

Find the whole episode on youtube here to see how you can change your mindset and start planning from a place of positivity. 

Cate Murden
Cate is the Founder and CEO of PUSH. She created PUSH with the fierce belief that with the right tools, mindsets and behaviours, we could build better workplaces full of happy, healthy and high-performing individuals.

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