Would a 4-day working week make you more productive? Is tech speeding us up or slowing us down? Are you using the right language around mental health and inclusivity in the workplace? How do we actually work better?


These are the questions we are answering at the world’s first 24-hour festival of the mind, Getahead, on Friday 14 June! Keep reading to find out more and use our code for £5 tickets.


People are burning out sooner, and younger. Getahead’s co-founder Dan Kirby, knows this all too well which is why he teamed up with Jenni Cochrane in 2018 to found Getahead: a not-for-profit initiative with a 25 year mission to help a billion people ‘get ahead without burning out’. This year, PUSH is the official Getahead Festival WORK BETTER partner, hosting inspiring talks and a thought provoking panel discussion, asking: How Do We Work Better?


When and where will Getahead take place?


On Friday 14 June from 6am to 6am (it’s up to you how long you stay!), two incredible venues, Omeara and The Ministry near London Bridge are host to world-class speakers, workshops, panels, fitness sessions, complimentary massages and delicious food against a backdrop of incredible music and like minded people.


What will our WORK BETTER panel discuss?


The panel will discuss some of the fundamental topics facing businesses today, including whether a 4-day week is the answer to our modern world of work, as well as the impact of AI, and how we support workplace mental health and inclusion. Most importantly we want to find out how we can create people-first cultures.


Undoubtedly, the way we work plays an insurmountable role in the way we live, our stress levels and risk of mental health issues. For this reason, PUSH have curated a panel of experts focused on solutions.


Who will be on our WORK BETTER panel?


We have brought together some of the most brilliant minds across tech, mental health, people-first cultures and inclusion & diversity to have an open and honest discussion about people, teams and companies improving the way we work.


Our panelists include; Tom Head, the Co-owner and Sales & Marketing Director of one of the Top 100 Digital Agencies in the UK, Lab. Lab is also one of the first London agencies to break convention and cut a day from the working week, taking their staff down to 4 days. Tom will be discussing whether a 4-day week is the answer to our modern world of work.


Adah Parris is a TED 2019 Emerging Innovator, Futurist, Cultural Innovator, Board Advisor, Keynote Speaker and Coach, and in 2018 was recognised as one of the Top 100 BAME Leaders in Tech. Adah will be discussing how we can be more human in a world of AI and improve how we work.


Anita Caras is the Insight Director at Verizon Media and is now using her industry voice to advocate for inclusion and diversity in the workplace. She is Verizon Media’s EMEA lead for the Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN); a voluntary organisation that champions women’s leadership and advancement. Anita will be discussing how inclusive cultures help us thrive at work.


Paul McGregor is a mental health speaker and author who’s looking to normalise the conversation around mental health. He shares his personal experiences with mental health, and his work has been featured on Sky News, BBC, The Huffington Post and more. A serial entrepreneur, at 19 he started an online fashion business and also has guest lectured at The London College of Fashion since the age of 21. Paul will be discussing whether vulnerability around mental health affects productivity in the workplace.


The panel will be hosted by our Founder, Cate Murden, who herself had been signed off with stress after a 15 year long career in Media and having started PUSH, understands the fundamental challenges that companies and people face in avoiding burnout and working better.


When do the PUSH sessions take place?


07.00am: On Friday 14 June, our day begins at Omeara with a Breakfast Networking complete with orange juice and pastries before the first talk of the day.


09.45am: Our Founder Cate Murden’s talk on ‘Building Resilience in the 21st Century’ in which we’ll face stress head on and will explore how we can build resilience, motivation and happiness, put ourselves first and be empowered to live a better life!


10.30am: The PUSH ‘How Do We Work Better?’ panel with Tom Head, Adah Parris, Anita Caras and Paul McGregor, hosted by Cate Murden.


13.00pm: We then head over to The Ministry where PUSH are proud to present three incredibly inspiring talks. Chevy Rough’s talk at 13:00pm on ‘’Whole Body Living’, will help you understand how to reduce stress and increase motivation, utilising 20 years of experience combining fitness, running, life and career coaching.


14.00pm: Le’Nise Brothers’ is on stage next with her ‘Build Your Resilience With Your Diet’ talk and Nutrition Q&A, talking you through the role nutrition has on mental wellbeing and all the foods that can help boost your resilience as well as answering your nutrition questions.


15.00pm: Anthony Astbury and Scott McArthur will be talking about the Whole Man Academy initiative which offers an informal environment in which men from all walks of life can come together to share their experiences.


Visit the Getahead website for the full schedule and get in touch with us for more information on our WORK BETTER activities.


Why should you come?


Our mission as the official WORK BETTER partner for Getahead Festival is simple. To help you find ways of working better, avoiding burnout and living a genuinely better life by sharing invaluable information from our world class experts. So, bring your colleague, or your team and let’s #WorkBetter together.


Get your discounted ticket with PUSH:

Use code PUSH24 for your £5 ticket or book via the direct link for Getahead Festival on Friday 14 June!

Cate Murden
Cate is the Founder and CEO of PUSH. She created PUSH with the fierce belief that with the right tools, mindsets and behaviours, we could build better workplaces full of happy, healthy and high-performing individuals.

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